Nave Editada LP

FLEXIBLE COWORKING: A place for those who want to work together in a dynamic community and do not need the privacy of a private office, nor the exclusivity of a dedicated desk. Just come, choose the spot that you prefer, and enjoy your shift with good coffee and better colleagues working in different sectors and professions.
  • Flexible full-time coworking rate | € 185 + VAT per month. Which includes the unlimited use of flexible coworking. It includes + 2h/week free use of small meeting room, where you can have your private meetings, some important videocall...
  • Coworking Rate 20h/week | € 135 + VAT per month. Of flexible coworking use + 1h/week free use of small meeting room.
  • Coworking rate 10h/week | € 75 + VAT per month) for flexible coworking use+1h/week free use of small meeting room.


FIXED COWORKING | € 220 + VAT per month: your own table and unlimited use (9am-9pm; M-F), + 3h/week small meeting room. For this rate we apply reductions without commitment of permanence for stays that would be estimated over 6 months (-6%) and over 12 months (-12%).

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